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Arrested for Assault? You Can’t Afford to Wait

By DiBella Law Offices on September 1, 2018

Assault can conjure up different ideas for different people. Some may imagine bar brawls, while others may think assault includes speaking harshly to someone. So when a person is charged with assault in Massachusetts, what exactly does that mean?

That depends on the type of assault, if anyone was injured, and the extent of those injuries. In any case, if you are accused of assault in the Boston area, getting a tough criminal defense attorney is your best chance of defeating the charges. Read the rest »

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Choosing Your Criminal Defense Attorney

By DiBella Law Offices on January 18, 2016

When you have been accused of a crime, you need a defense attorney in order to help protect your rights. Even if you are guilty of committing the crime you have been accused of, it’s important that you receive quality counsel from a skilled criminal defense attorney. A skilled and successful lawyer can help you navigate the legal system so you have the best opportunity of achieving an equitable outcome. And remember, being innocent doesn’t guarantee that you will be found innocent. You need skilled representation either way. Read the rest »

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Massachusetts Social Host Liability Laws

By DiBella Law Offices on December 15, 2015

The holiday season from Halloween to New Year’s offers young adults and teenagers plenty of opportunity to celebrate and party with friends. All too often alcohol is served at these underage parties and these young adults and teenagers find themselves in precarious situations. Unfortunately, many times the host of these parties are adults who are unaware of the consequences and liability they have assumed by sponsoring such an event. Read the rest »

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