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New Year, New Marital Status

By DiBella Law Offices on January 5, 2019

January is a time of fresh starts, resolutions, and planning for the new year. Many people have indulged in celebrations and festivities for nearly two months leading up to January 1st, and as the busy holiday season comes to an end so do many marriages. Unofficially, January has become known as Divorce Month, even though the courts record more divorces in August and March. But this increase in the divorce rate in January appears to be connected to a few understandable trends. Read the rest »

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Don’t Get “Carried Away” on the Wings of Love

By DiBella Law Offices on February 12, 2018

Meeting that someone special, falling in love, and deciding to get married—this sequence is probably the most exciting time in people’s lives! But there’s more to consider before and after a proposal than just what the wedding colors are going to be. There are practical considerations that you need to talk about…like the dreaded prenuptial agreement. Read the rest »

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How Can Child Support Orders Be Changed?

By DiBella Law Offices on April 13, 2017

Massachusetts has, arguably, the most progressive laws relating to the process of providing child support in the nation. The family courts have significant discretion in support decisions. Traditionally, child support payments are a parental requirement until the child turns 18. A few states extend support until the age of 21, based on the circumstances.

In Massachusetts, if the child is enrolled in college, lives with and is supported by the parent being paid child support, the support payment eligibility extends to age 23. This state allows judges to deviate from the formula-based calculation if it is determined to be in the child’s best interest.

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Family Law Court Orders: Contempt and Enforcement of Court Orders

By DiBella Law Offices on August 17, 2015

When a divorce decree is finalized by the court, the decree often contains specific orders to one party specifically called court orders. These orders may include payment of child support or spousal support or a transfer of property to one spouse. The courts may also order specific visitation schedules for the non-custodial parent. Too often, former spouses may elect to ignore these orders which can create numerous problems. The penalties to the offending party for these transgressions can be severe but oftentimes the party who is being harmed needs to file a claim in order to call the court’s attention to the situation. Your family law attorney may suggest you file a contempt of court case against the offending party. Read the rest »

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