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Will My Personal Injury Settlement Be Taxed?

By DiBella Law Offices on January 11, 2021

After you’ve suffered a catastrophic injury, every dollar counts when you are trying to pay your medical bills, plan for future expenses, and cover any lost wages from being out of work. This is why advocating for the highest possible settlement offer or jury verdict is of the utmost importance. But another question that many accident victims have during the claims process is how getting a big settlement will impact their taxes.

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The Impact of a Lumbar Spinal Cord Injury

By DiBella Law Offices on December 21, 2020

Damage to the spinal cord can completely transform your life, but it all depends on the type of injury and where along the spine you were hurt. Some spinal cord injuries can be fixed with surgery and physical therapy, leaving the victim with no lasting damage. In other cases, it can cause partial to total paralysis from the waist down. When the lumbar portion of the spine is damaged, both are very real possibilities.

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Are Pre-existing Conditions Covered in a Personal Injury Claim?

By DiBella Law Offices on December 7, 2020

One of the most hotly debated issues when it comes to personal injury claims is pre-existing conditions, especially for older accident victims. A serious car wreck or slip-and-fall and cause catastrophic injuries to the elderly, as well as to younger victims, and it is not uncommon for an accident to exasperate an older injury. In fact, insurance companies will often try to deny coverage if a plaintiff has a pre-existing condition. However, a pre-existing condition does not completely bar you from receiving payment on a claim, and there are several legal doctrines that a skilled attorney can use to protect your right to compensation.

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Understanding Loss of Enjoyment in Personal Injury Claims

By DiBella Law Offices on October 26, 2020

When preparing to file a personal injury claim, you may have come upon the term “non-economic damages.” These types of compensation refer to the personal damages you have suffered due to an injury, often related to the amount of pain you had to deal with, mental trauma, and emotional distress. Many claims also include “loss of enjoyment,” which is another broad term that most accident victims do not understand and can cause some confusion when determining how much your case is worth.

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Columbia Gas Explosion in Lawrence County

By DiBella Law Offices on January 6, 2020

On Sept 13, 2018, Columbia Gas accidentally over-pressurized a gas main that fed thousands of homes throughout Lawrence, Andover, and North Andover counties. The over-pressurization of the gas main resulted in explosions and fires that killed one person, sent 22 others to the hospital, damaged 131 structures, and destroyed at least five homes. 30,000 customers were forced to evacuate their homes and seek shelter elsewhere due to unsafe conditions – interrupting and, for many, shattering their lives.

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Boston Green Line Train Derailment Causes Concern

By DiBella Law Offices on August 19, 2019

Shortly after 6:00 a.m. on August 7th, a Green Line D train derailed around the Riverside area according to a Boston MBTA spokesperson. No one was reported injured, but the incident did lead to damage to the automatic operating signals along the train’s route. Following an investigation by transit authorities, the cause of the crash has been deemed to be errors made by an experienced driver, and not because of track conditions or mechanical failures. Read the rest »

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McAvoy Suspension Shows How Seriously NHL Takes TBI and Potential Impact of CTE

By DiBella Law Offices on June 19, 2019

If you caught game six of the Stanley Cup’s second-round series between Boston and Columbus, you definitely remember the head hit Bruin’s defenseman Charlie McAvoy laid on Blue Jacket right winger Josh Anderson. After the hit, Anderson had to return to the locker room, but fortunately was able to return to play later in the third period. Surprisingly at the time, McAvoy only received a two-minute minor penalty for the hit that involved his shoulder and Anderson’s chin. However, after the NHL’s Department of Player Safety (DOPS) reviewed the play, McAvoy was hit with a one-game suspension.  Read the rest »

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Added Boat Traffic Increases Accidents in the Boston Area

By DiBella Law Offices on November 7, 2018

With 47 miles of beautiful trails making up Boston Harborwalk and almost 200 miles of coastline in Massachusetts, boats are a common form of transportation in the area.

According to the Boston Water Taxi website, the line offers 500 daily departures with the 53 vessels currently in service. And that makes up just a fraction of the boat traffic that is in Boston Harbor. And as you might expect, with more traffic in an area, there are more boating accidents occurring. The most recent was a collision of a water taxi and a sailboat in August. Read the rest »

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Fires and Explosions Kill One, Displace Thousands in Massachusetts

By DiBella Law Offices on September 19, 2018

A series of gas explosions and fires devastated residents of Merrimack Valley, just north of Boston, last week. One young man was killed when a chimney fell on his car and crushed him, and dozens of others were injured. Read the rest »

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What is Contributory Negligence and How Does It Affect My Personal Injury Case?

By DiBella Law Offices on August 26, 2015

Being hurt in an accident that is caused by another person’s negligence is the start of a journey most people don’t willingly embark upon. The injury might require that you have medical care. In serious cases, you might miss work. The influx of medical bills and bills related to the accident coupled with the reduction in income might spell financial disaster. Read the rest »

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