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Police Search for Driver in Massachusetts Hit and Run Accident

By DiBella Law Offices on July 13, 2015

There has been significant increases in the availability of quality technology over the course of the last few decades. As a result, it is extremely likely that a person’s actions in an area populated with businesses will be recorded. For example, a recent hit-and-run accident was recorded by surveillance cameras in Massachusetts. Using other available technology, it is possible that police will successfully track down the driver in the accident.

The accident happened in early July. The victim, a 44-year-old man on a motorcycle, says that he stopped to make repairs on his motorcycle when he was struck by a white sedan. He was left lying in the road with a leg broken in three places and internal injuries as well as injuries to his head.

He reportedly has no memory of the accident. However, he says that viewing surveillance video of the incident has helped helped him realize that the driver of the car was careless and was likely not watching where he or she was going. Police are asking that anyone who has seen a vehicle that matches the one in the video with front end damage contact them.

Unfortunately, hit-and-run accidents happen far too often. The injured man in this case will likely have a long road to recovery. While the victim says he hopes to find the driver allegedly responsible, he argues that his intention is to keep others in Massachusetts safe from a similar accident. However, once the the driver’s identity is discovered, the victim could choose to file a personal injury lawsuit. A verdict in his favor, which must be based upon evidence of driver negligence, could help him cope with the financial expenses stemming from his injuries.

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