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Have You Been Charged with Domestic Abuse in MA?

The nuts and bolts of property division and child custody are not the only issues that come into play during a divorce or separation. Unfortunately, many individuals find themselves involved in domestic disputes when a relationship is in trouble. Our legal team at DiBella Law Offices, P.C. has extensive experience in the area of domestic assault and battery law in Massachusetts. Our attorney understands that the circumstances that lead to these unfortunate incidents are often complicated.

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Far-Reaching Effects of Criminal Charges

We fight for our clients to make sure that assault and battery claims, as well as restraining orders and harassment orders, are used properly. A charge of domestic assault or battery against someone is a serious allegation with potentially wide-reaching effects. Filing for a restraining order or harassment order can be a powerful tool for stopping unwanted harassment when used correctly. We understand how these orders and charges work, and we make sure our clients are treated fairly when involved on either side of a domestic dispute.

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Restraining & Harassment Orders Carry Serious Consequences

Restraining orders are filed against people living in the same household as the person seeking the order. Harassment orders, on the other hand, are used against people outside the household. Whatever the case, they can be used to prevent someone from coming within a certain distance of the person seeking protection. There are serious implications for someone faced with a restraining or harassment order in Massachusetts.

Restraining and harassment orders can have negative effects on the outcome of a divorce proceeding. Employers or other institutions can take orders into account, which can negatively impact the individual. Orders can also require you to turn in registered weapons. While restraining orders and harassment orders are civil actions, violations of them are criminal offenses.

Our criminal defense attorney ensures that these are used legitimately and not simply to punish an individual. We make sure our clients understand the implications of filing for an order or having one filed against them.

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We Can Help Resolve Your Domestic Legal Dispute

Whether you are seeking protection with a restraining or harassment order or have one filed against you, you have rights under state law. It is important to speak with a qualified lawyer to ensure that these rights are protected.

For a free initial consultation, call us now at (978) 327-5140. We have offices in Burlington, Methuen, and Boston and our legal staff offers Spanish translation services; servicios de traducción disponibles.

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