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Getting into an accident while riding a motorcycle can be catastrophic, largely because riders lack the protection provided by a car. A motorcycle accident can result in life-changing injuries for the motorcyclist, including head, neck, and back injuries, and even wrongful death.

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Motorcycle accident victims have the right to seek compensation that covers medical expenses and property damage to their bikes, as well as their lost wages and emotional suffering. DiBella Law Offices, P.C. has helped countless victims receive the money they need to protect their livelihood and get back on the path toward healing.

We have been in practice for nearly two decades and you can count on us to go the extra mile for you. We take the time to review the details of each situation and do everything possible to get you fair compensation. Call our Methuen auto accident lawyers today at (781) 262-3338.

What Are Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents?

Most drivers keep their eyes peeled for motorcycles and drive responsibly around them, particularly when it comes to lane-splitting bikers. But not everyone does. All too often, a negligent driver will try to avoid responsibility by claiming he was unable to see the motorcycle, or that the biker was acting irresponsibly. While motorcyclists are required to follow the same traffic laws as everyone else, drivers need to take extra caution when passing a motorcyclist. One wrong turn on the steering wheel could mean death for the rider.

  • Driver negligence: When drivers fail to follow traffic rules, disaster can strike. If the driver of a vehicle fails to look before changing lanes, he runs the risk of hitting a motorcyclist who was in his blind spot.
  • Drunk or drugged driver: Most people understand that drinking and driving are a fatal combination. When a driver is operating his vehicle while intoxicated, he could easily lose control of his vehicle and crash into a motorcyclist.
  • Distracted driver: Whether a driver looks away from the road to turn the knob on her radio, grab something from the back seat, or eat her lunch, just one second of distracted driving can lead to a serious accident with a motorcycle.
  • Reckless driver: Motorcycles are vulnerable to other cars, mainly because of their size and weight. If a driver is recklessly changing lanes, speeding, or making turns, an innocent motorcyclist may pay the price. When reckless driving occurs at high speeds, the consequences can easily become fatal.

Our Boston motorcycle accident lawyer is committed to injured bikers. We believe that our job is to hold negligent parties accountable and that is what we do best.

Injuries from a Motorcycle Collision

The injuries that can be sustained in a motorcycle accident can be gravely serious. The fact that motorcycles don’t have seatbelts means that the riders can easily be thrown from the vehicle and suffer catastrophic injuries. Common injuries that can result from a motorcycle accident include:

Unfortunately, it is all too common for motorcycle accidents to result in a wrongful death. Regardless of the severity, it’s important for you to understand your options if you or a loved one is ever involved in a motorcycle collision.

Seeking Help Following a Motorcycle Accident in Burlington

When you are involved in a motorcycle crash in Massachusetts, the first steps after recovering from your injuries will typically involve dealing with your insurance provider to cover your damages. While it may be tempting to trust your insurance company, it’s important to remember that these companies prioritize their ability to make money over your recovery. As a result, many accident victims find the payouts offered by their insurance companies to be substantially less than what they deserve and are unable to fully cover the cost of their medical care and other expenses.

That’s where we can help. By working with an experienced Burlington motorcycle accident attorney, you will get the guidance and support necessary to fight for your claim and recover the amount you are rightfully owed. At DiBella Law Offices, P.C., we offer a free consultation to hear your side of the story. Don’t hesitate to get help. Give us a call at (781) 262-3338. No Fee Until We Win.

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