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The Cycling Culture in Haverhill

Haverhill has taken pride as a cyclist hub for years, with this leisure activity taking place in almost every neighborhood. The city hosts cyclists comprised of families, friends, and solo riders who ride for fun, exercise, or as a means of commuting. The COVID-19 pandemic reinforced the use of bicycles, and cyclists continue to enjoy this means of transport.

While riding your bicycle at Haverhill, you should be aware of the risk of being hit by careless motorists. If involved in a bicycle accident with a motorist, you will likely experience damages like medical expenses, pain and suffering, disfiguration, and loss of wages, requiring you to make claims on the negligent party’s insurance company.

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Who Might Be Responsible for Accidents?

Most bicycle accidents will result from one of the following causes:

Negligent Drivers. Intoxicated and irresponsible motorists on the road will harm cyclists through tragic accidents. Most of the bicycle accidents in Haverhill can result from motorists who fail to do the following:

  • Adhere to the speed limit
  • Stop at a traffic light or sign
  • Check before opening their car door

While you may avoid a collision with a negligent motorist, you could sustain an injury while trying to avoid the collision. Still, you may have a valid case against the driver.

Hazardous Roads. As you drive through Haverhill, you may injure yourself on public property, including sidewalks and roadways, due to dangerous path defects. Such defects include sandy, uneven or slippery surfaces. When this happens, you may be able to hold the government liable.

Defective Products. Your bicycle injury could also result from a faulty brake or pedal, and you may be able to file a claim against the seller or manufacturer in this case. While doing this, you will prove that you were using the bicycle for the intended purpose and demonstrate the link between the bicycle and injury.

Types of Injuries from Bike Accidents

Even as a prudent cyclist in Haverhill, you can fall victim to an accident and suffer as you have little to protect yourself from impact. Some of the injuries you can sustain from a bike injury in Haverhill include:

  • Skull fracture
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Facial contusions, fractures, and dental injuries
  • Cuts and abrasions
  • Broken bones
  • Internal bleeding as a result of the impact
  • Bruising

What to Do After a Bike Accident

After a bike accident in Haverhill, your focus should be immediate medical care, depending on the injuries. Paying your medical bills can be challenging if you do not have medical coverage, so seeking a skilled lawyer to represent you before the insurance company is necessary. This is so because most insurance companies are unwilling to compensate effectively for their clients’ negligent behavior.

Getting the Best Compensation Possible after a Haverhill Bicycle Accident

After a bicycle accident, you should seek an experienced Haverhill bike accident attorney from the DiBella Law Offices, P.C. to help you with the claims. Our lawyer will launch a thorough investigation of your accident. They will read the police report available and examine the video footage, forensic evidence, and accident photos. After completing the investigations, they will serve the insurance company with a claim demonstrating how their client harmed you. Hence, to save yourself energy for recovery, call (978) 327-5140 today and let our attorneys handle your case.