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Meet the 2021 Writing the Future Scholarship Winner

By DiBella Law Offices on May 5, 2021

The past year has been a struggle for many, but the one force that carried us all through was the strength of our communities. Whether it was supporting local restaurants during the pandemic or donating money to help neighbors who were out of work, many “single” good deeds went a long way.

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Congratulations to the 5 Writing the Future Finalists

By DiBella Law Offices on April 28, 2021

Since launching the Writing the Future Scholarship for 2021, our team at DiBella Law Offices, P.C., has been astounded at the outpouring of support from students across the country. This award was started to provide some much-needed financial support for students seeking higher education, and for us, simply helping someone else is its own reward. But getting to read your essays and learn about the good deeds you students are performing every day is also a huge honor, and we were overjoyed to hear your stories.

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Why Party Hosts May Be Liable for Drunk Driving Accidents

By DiBella Law Offices on April 27, 2021

In most car accidents, responsibility is pinned on the driver who caused the collision. Naturally, if someone acted recklessly, such as driving while intoxicated, then they should be the one responsible for paying for any victim’s medical bills and other damages.

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How Distracted Driving Courses Can Prevent Accidents

By DiBella Law Offices on April 13, 2021

Distracted driving is one of the most dangerous habits people have developed over the past decade, leading to thousands of injuries and deaths each year across the United States. One of the worst aspects of it is how commonplace it has become.

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How to React When Your Ex Tries to Abduct Your Child

By DiBella Law Offices on March 30, 2021

Even long after a divorce has been settled, parents can still be embroiled in heated debates and arguments. Whether it starts with child support payments or custody schedules, there is no excuse for making threats, especially if they involve a child’s safety. Massachusetts family law courts expect parents to conduct themselves respectfully in and outside of a courtroom. If your ex threatens to take away your child, you should act quickly and use every legal resource to protect your child.

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How Motorcycle Insurance Works in Massachusetts

By DiBella Law Offices on March 16, 2021

The state of Massachusetts is a no-fault insurance state, meaning most accident victims must pursue insurance claims with their own auto insurance companies after a crash, no matter who was at fault. While this system seems ideal, it restricts when and how a driver can recover compensation for his injuries. In addition, it is not universal for everyone on the road, as motorcycle riders do not receive the same benefits as drivers under this system.

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How Psych Evaluations Impact Custody Cases

By DiBella Law Offices on February 22, 2021

Custody battles can get ugly, even if the parents were in a good relationship leading up to their divorce. Your case can easily go from cordial conversations about splitting holiday breaks to angry fights about finances and parental responsibilities. It is not uncommon for one parent to drag a mental illness into the argument, often calling out the other parent’s capabilities and mental stability.

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Who Is Liable in a Snowplow Accident?

By DiBella Law Offices on February 8, 2021

Boston is known for its snowy, icy winters that can make our roads especially treacherous. Each year, the City of Boston Public Works Department rapidly responds to snowfall with a full fleet of plows. These powerful vehicles work throughout the day to clear our roads, parking lots, and highways so that we can safely get to work. But we should always remember how dangerous these vehicles can be, especially in the hands of a negligent driver. All it takes is one glance away from the road to catastrophically injure another driver or pedestrian with a snowplow.

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DiBella Law Offices, P.C., Announces 2021 Writing the Future Scholarship

By DiBella Law Offices on February 3, 2021

As the new year revs up, we at DiBella Law Offices, P.C., once again look to how we can aid students in achieving a higher education. Given the dire straits the world has been in, it is important to remember the importance of investing in students and their success. That is why we are bringing back our annual Writing the Future Scholarship for 2021! Students from across the United States are invited to apply for a $1,000 scholarship for post-secondary education.

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Who Should You Report a Slip-and-Fall Accident To?

By DiBella Law Offices on January 25, 2021

Many of us know to call the police if we are involved in an auto accident. Not only does this ensure that everyone involved receives speedy medical treatment, but a police report can help accident victims file an auto accident claim down the line to receive compensation.

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