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Need to File a Traumatic Brain Injury Claim?

People are resilient. More often than not, they can recover fully from accidents. However, injuries inflicted on a person’s neurological system are much more likely to cause permanent, deleterious effects.

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) can result from severe impacts in car, truck, and motorcycle collisions, workplace incidents, and situations where people fall from a height or have something fall on them. Brain injury can also occur through medical malpractice, when a patient is denied oxygen to the brain (this is called anoxic brain injury). In these situations, the team at DiBella Law Offices, P.C., would be glad to help. Contact us at (781) 262-3338 for a free consultation.

At DiBella Law Offices, P.C., we have experience recovering compensation for clients who have sustained head injuries and other damages due to the negligence of others. Contact our Boston brain injury lawyers today for more information.

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What Are Symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury?

Regardless of the cause of the brain injury, the damage can be profound, including: confusion, inability to focus, inability to form new memories, clumsiness, chronic incontinence, loss of senses like sight and hearing, and loss of cognitive function. Although many who sustain TBIs are greatly affected or incapacitated, some people who sustain TBIs are unaware of their condition.

In the days and weeks following a head impact, a person with a traumatic brain injury may feel irritable, confused, and agitated. The person may consider himself or herself "foggy-headed," but may fail to conclude the incident has caused serious neurological damage. Often, loved ones recognize the behavioral, social, and cognitive effects of TBI before the victim does.

A neurologist can discern the often-subtle signs of brain injury during an office visit. It is important that you visit a doctor even if you do not believe your injuries to be severe, as all medical records are important if you file a lawsuit.

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What Are Causes of Brain Injury?

TBI accidents are typically linked to negligence on the part of another individual – not the victim. Common situations that lead to brain injuries include:

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents: Car, truck, and motorcycle accidents all frequently result in serious head trauma, even minor accidents. The impact can whip a head back and forth and drive it into parts of the car. Even with airbags or a helmet, it’s possible to sustain a serious TBI.
  • Falls: Falling from even a few feet, if the head strikes the ground, can have catastrophic results. TBIs are common in instances of slip-and-falls or workplace accidents.
  • Struck By/Against Object: These incidents include contact with objects (getting stuck in the head by an object) or with people (football players having a head-to-head collision). Concussions are a growing concern in sports, with youth players being especially vulnerable.
  • Assaults: A person may suffer a TBI after being attacked and struck in the head. Negligent security at a location such as a store, shopping mall, or apartment building can allow an assault, and thus be grounds for a premises liability claim.

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What Are Some Types of Brain Injuries?

There are various brain injuries that can occur following an incident, including:

  • Concussion: The most common mild traumatic brain injury is a concussion: a sudden impact or jarring of the brain, causing chemical changes. These can sometimes result in a short loss of consciousness and temporary or permanent brain damage.
  • Contusion: Contusions are bruises caused by bleeding on the brain. Brain bruises occur as a result of a blow to the head. A contusion can occur alongside a concussion, and a serious contusion will require treatment from a medical professional. In extreme cases, surgery may be needed to remove the contusion from a victim’s brain.
  • Closed brain injury: Any internal brain damage that occurs as a result of a violent impact or shaking, including concussions, contusions, coup-contrecoup, and diffuse axonal injuries. Depending on the amount of force, the resulting damage to the brain can leave the victim suffering from disabilities that can last for the rest of his or her life.
  • Open brain injury: Open brain injuries are caused by an outside object penetrating a person's skull and damaging the brain. For example, if someone is shot in the head and the bullet penetrates the brain, or a skull is penetrated in a construction-site accident. These injuries require immediate medical treatment, for they can result in permanent injury or fatality.

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Defining Damages for Recovery in Your Lawsuit

The Massachusetts personal injury attorney at our firm works with consultants in the medical community, who can help you determine a dollar value for your damages. We help you recover compensation in addition to your medical bills, including:

For a free consultation with a caring and experienced Massachusetts catastrophic injury lawyer, contact us at (781) 262-3338.

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