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After a Serious Burn in Methuen, You May Have a Legal Claim for Compensation

Few injuries are as painful or potentially harmful as burns. Minor burns result in damage to the skin, while severe burns can destroy muscle, blood vessels, and even bone. Because of the damage to the skin, which provides the body with protection from foreign substances, burn victims also have a high risk of infection and other complications.

If someone else caused or contributed to your burn injury, it is imperative that you contact DiBella Law Offices, P.C. Our team of Methuen personal injury attorneys can investigate what happened and find out if you have a strong civil claim. For a free consultation, please call (781) 262-3338.

What Are Some Different Types of Burns?

Most people think burn injuries come from fire, but there are many other types of burns and situations that can result in serious burns to a victim. They are:

  • Thermal burns: Caused by contact with an external heat source such as a fire, steam, hot liquid, or a hot object.
  • Friction burns: Occur when the skin is rubbed against another surface, causing abrasion.
  • Electrical burns: Can result from electricity passing through the body.
  • Chemical burns: Caused when a chemical or chemical fumes come in contact with the skin, causing irritation and destruction to the skin tissue.
  • Radiation burns: Occur when thermal radiation, radio frequency energy, ultraviolet light, or ionizing radiation comes into contact with biological tissue.

You can be burned at home by a faulty product, in the workplace, in a business or other commercial property, or in a vehicle crash. No matter where the burn occurred, you should seek medical treatment immediately. Not only could this help minimize your scarring and other complications, but it creates a medical record that could be useful in filing your personal injury claim.

Severity of Burns

Burn severity is broken down into four basic levels:

  • First-degree burns: Also considered superficial burns, these burns only affect the outer layer of skin (called the epidermis). The area is red, painful, and dry, but is not blistered.
  • Second-degree burns: Also known as partial thickness burns, these burns involve the outer layer of skin as well as the second layer called the dermis. The area is red, painful, blistered, and may be swollen.
  • Third-degree burns: Also known as full thickness burns, these burns destroy both layers of skin and may also damage subcutaneous tissue such as muscle. The area may appear to be charred and blackened, or have a white color.
  • Fourth-degree burns: These burns damage underlying bone, muscle, and tissue as well as destroying the skin. There is no sensation or pain in the area as the nerve endings have been destroyed.

Third- and fourth-degree burns fall into the category of catastrophic injuries because of their potential to have a long-term impact on the victim. These injuries can result in the victim’s loss of ability to work or care for himself or herself. In addition, large medical bills and the cost of a lifetime of medical care and living assistance can create a huge financial burden for the victim and his or her family.

Compensation for Burn Injuries

As with any personal injury claim, your burn injury compensation will depend on your specific situation and the severity of your injuries. If your burns were the result of another person or company’s negligence, then you may be able to seek compensation for any of the following:

Understanding who is ultimately responsible for the burn, and who should assume the financial responsibility, can be very difficult. With nearly two decades of experience working with victims, the Boston burn injury attorneys at DiBella Law Offices, P.C., can assist you in understanding your legal rights in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. A single call to (781) 262-3338 is the first step in seeking the compensation that is owed to you. Call today and know that DiBella Law Offices, P.C., will diligently work to seek justice for you.

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