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How to Get a Police Crash Report

DiBella Law Offices, P.C., Can Request Your Report for Free

It was a shocking event. You were following the rules of the road when another driver did something careless and rammed into you. Because you knew it wasn’t your fault, you called the police right away. They came, took down everyone’s information, and examined the scene. You also filed your own report with the Registry of Motor Vehicles. Now, that police report may be able to help you in your personal injury case.

DiBella Law Offices, P.C., is happy to request your police crash report at no cost to you. Please use the form below. We’ll take care of the rest. If there is a police report to be found, we’ll locate it for you. Either way, you pay nothing, and we can get you started on the road to recovering the money you’re owed.

Free Police Report Courtesy of DiBella Law Offices, P.C.

DiBella Law Offices, P.C., is happy to assist you with getting your crash report at no cost. Please give our personal injury attorneys a call at (978) 327-5140 or use the form below. That’s it! We’ll take care of the rest.

You Must Report Your Crash As Well

After an accident in which somebody is injured or killed, or more than $1,000 of property damage is done, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires all involved drivers to fill out a Motor Vehicle Crash Operator Report (Form CRA-23) and submit it in within 5 days to the:

  • Local police department or state police with jurisdiction over the city/town where the crash occurred.
  • Your own insurance company.
  • Registry of Motor Vehicles in Boston.

If a driver is incapacitated—for example, by being hospitalized—he is excused from this deadline. However, if the incapacitated driver is not the legal owner of the vehicle involved in the wreck, the owner must complete the report and send it in on time, with as much information as he has. The Registrar can revoke the owner’s driver’s license if he fails to do so. The Registrar may also require the owner to supplement the information provided, and failure to do so can also lose a license.

Reports are also encouraged for any vehicle hit by another, which then flees the scene, even if the damage does not exceed $1,000. The police want to track all instances of hit-and-run.

There is no fee to file this report. Here is the Registrar’s How to report a vehicle crash page.

DiBella Law Offices, P.C., Will Do the Work For You

A police report can be the deciding factor in determining who was truly at fault for a crash. Most people, when filing operator reports, will try to deny or leave out details when it comes to their own fault. Your insurance company, and the other person’s, will rely heavily on the police report in deciding who pays for what, since Massachusetts is a “fault” auto insurance state.

Our law firm is happy to assist you in getting the police report from the RMV. Once we’ve received it and shown it to you, we’ll ask you to review it for inaccurate information. Missing details can be just as bad as incorrect details, and we can help you reach out to the local police agency that submitted the report to get it fixed.

As soon as we get the police report, we’ll also be scanning it with our trained eyes to see if there’s evidence of fault. If the officer at the scene issued a citation to the other driver, we can find that as well, and it may just prove your case. Our car accident lawyers can then negotiate with the insurance companies to get the compensation you deserve. Call (978) 327-5140 to get started, or fill out the form at the top of the page. That’s it!