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Were You Injured on a Bus or Trolley in Boston?

Accidents that involve a bus are not as simple as car-on-car accidents – especially if you’re injured. Most buses in Boston are owned and operated by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA). If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident involving a bus, it is critical that you hire a Boston car accident lawyer. At DiBella Law Offices, P.C., we offer our clients nearly two decades of experience in personal injury law in the City of Boston.

There are other incidents where a passenger can sustain injuries on a bus. A sudden stop by a bus driver can result in passengers being thrown to the ground or slammed against the side of the bus. Passengers could also become the victim of a trip-and-fall upon entering or exiting the bus, if the steps have been damaged. Pedestrians and bikers can easily become the victim of a bus accident if the driver is distracted or fatigued.

What Are Causes of Bus Accidents?

There are many potential causes of bus accidents in the Boston area. And the cause of the accident will be important as you begin the process of filing a claim for your injury. Some of the leading causes of bus accidents include:

  • Driver negligence
  • MBTA negligence
  • Bad weather
  • Vehicle fires

Bus driver negligence can include failing to follow the laws of the road, such as speed limit or signaling for a lane change, or driving when fatigued or distracted by an electronic device like a cell phone. Buses are outfitted with an array of mirrors to allow drivers a clear field of vision. Each time a driver enters a bus, it is his or her responsibility to adjust the mirrors and check for full visibility before driving anywhere. In addition, during training, bus drivers are taught to lean in various directions to increase and improve visibility when driving and especially when making turns.

Often times, the company that owns the bus is also financially responsible for the acts of its drivers. Negligence on the part of the company could be in the maintenance and care of the vehicles, in the training and expectation placed on the drivers, or even in a lack of necessary safety equipment.

Bad weather is not uncommon in Boston, especially in winter weather driving, and MBTA bus drivers need to be well-trained in handling these adverse conditions in a safe manner. Simple precautions, such as driving at a lower rate of speed, allowing for greater stopping distance, and accounting for poor visibility are all the responsibility of the driver in poor weather.

Buses are required to be equipped with fire extinguishers as well as multiple exits. It is the responsibility of the driver to check for safety devices before a trip, and it is also the responsibility of the owner of the bus to maintain safety equipment in fully functional condition.

Filing a Claim with the MBTA

As is the case with any large business, the MBTA has a full legal staff for the purpose of protecting the business and its profitability. In addition to having powerful legal counsel, the MBTA is a government agency and has immunity from certain lawsuits. Filing a claim must be done on a strict deadline, and you will need strong proof.

DiBella Law Offices, P.C., understands how overwhelming it can feel when you have been injured and must seek legal representation to protect yourself and your family. We have nearly two decades of experience working to protect the rights of accident victims throughout Boston, and we would like to assist you as well. Call (617) 870-0907 today to schedule your free consultation to learn about your rights and how DiBella Law Offices, P.C. can protect them.

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