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Compassionate Representation When Children Are Injured

Every year in the U.S., more than 200,000 children ages 14 and younger are treated in emergency rooms for playground injuries, as reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Approximately 45% of injuries to children sustained in playground accidents are severe. Serious playground injuries include concussions, fractures, dislocations, internal injuries, and amputations.

How Do Playground Accidents Occur?

Playground accidents can occur for a variety of reasons. Among the most common causes are:

  • Failure to maintain playground equipment: Schools are responsible for maintaining their playground equipment. This includes conducting regular safety inspections and performing any maintenance or repairs needed. Outdoor playground equipment is exposed to the elements and susceptible to wear and tear. This can lead to loosened bolts and screws, broken boards, protruding nails, sharp edges, and slippery surfaces. The school may be liable if a child is injured because of a preventable hazard.
  • Faulty equipment: Even when it is properly maintained, playground equipment can be dangerous because of faulty construction or design. Construction companies are hired to build school playgrounds. Design companies design the playgrounds or supervise the work. If substandard materials are used, or if defects in construction or design cause a child to be injured, either or both companies may be liable.
  • Lack of playground supervision: Schools are required to provide proper supervision for children on playgrounds. Staff are required to have knowledge of children’s motor skills at different ages and to consistently supervise them. What is considered proper supervision will depend on the age and experience of the child, activities at the time of the injury, and other factors.

What Are the Different Types of Playground Accidents?

School age children represent the age group most frequently injured in playground accidents, because of their exposure to playground equipment in schools, parks, and backyards. Common types of playground accidents include:

  • Falls from monkey bars, slides, climbers, and other equipment
  • Being struck by moving objects, such as swings
  • Strangling through head entrapment or clothing caught in equipment

How Do You Recover Compensation for a Playground Accident?

To pursue compensation for a playground accident, you will need to file a claim against the responsible party or parties. There may be multiple potentially liable parties in a playground accident claim, including the owner or operator of the playground, the manufacturer of the equipment, the construction company that built the playground, the company that designed the equipment, or the parties responsible for supervising the children. To prevail in your claim, you will need to show that the responsible parties were negligent.

Do You Need a Lawyer?

Your best chance of recovering full compensation after a serious playground accident is to have an experienced personal injury attorney represent you. We can thoroughly investigate the accident to determine which parties were negligent and liable for your child’s injuries. We can secure evidence to support your claim, build a strong case based on the facts, assess the full extent of your losses, and negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf. If necessary, we can take your case to trial to fight for the compensation you and your child deserve.

Experienced Boston Playground Accident Attorneys

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