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Pedestrian Accidents in Dracut

Dracut is the second most populated town in Massachusetts. It is also home to fun activities such as the Museum of Printing or the Funtagious Fun Centre. This often means many people are walking around or riding bicycles and many cars on the road. Due to the crowded roads and the densely populated area, a higher risk of collisions between pedestrians and vehicles exists in Dracut.

Your life can be changed in an instant when an accident happens. In situations where a vehicle has hit a pedestrian, the injuries can be extremely serious and sometimes fatal. You do not have to go through the aftermath of an accident alone. Give DiBella Law Offices P.C. a call today at (978) 327-5140 and we can help you.

General Negligence

Not every vehicle operator is negligent in accidents with pedestrians. This means that pedestrians are not automatically entitled to compensation. It is important that pedestrians know when they do and do not have the right-of-way so they know where the fault lies in an accident.

If a vehicle operator has been negligent in an accident with a pedestrian, the pedestrian has an arguable personal injury claim. If this is you, a Dracut pedestrian injury attorney from DiBella Law Offices P.C. can help you to prove that the operator of the vehicle was negligent so you can get the compensation you merit.

When Do Pedestrians Have the Right-of-way?

In Dracut, pedestrians have the right-of-way when they are crossing a street in a crosswalk or when they are correctly following traffic signals. Vehicle operators are not allowed to cut pedestrians off at intersections when the pedestrian has the right-of-way and must always give the pedestrian a reasonable amount of time and space so they can safely cross the road. Where no sidewalk is provided and the pedestrian has to walk on the roadway, the vehicle operator still has to give the right-of-way to the pedestrian. Vehicles must slow down and give pedestrians adequate room and must only pass the pedestrian when it is safe to do so.

If a pedestrian is in an accident in any scenario where they have the right-of-way, then fault falls on the negligent operator of the vehicle.

When Do Pedestrians Not Have the Right-of-way?

Situations do exist where pedestrians do not have the right-of-way and may be at fault if an accident occurs. Various traffic rules and signals are in place that both vehicle operators and pedestrians must follow. Pedestrians must not jaywalk or try to cross the road where vehicles have the green traffic light at an intersection. Pedestrians must also be careful not to cross a road in front of vehicles where no marked pedestrian crosswalk is provided. If a pedestrian is walking on a state highway and wants to cross, they must be extremely cautious and only cross where there are no vehicles and when it is completely safe to do so.

How Does Compensation Work after an Accident?

Pedestrians who have been in an accident may claim compensation from the vehicle operator’s insurance policy. This only applies to medical expenses, and the vehicle operator may have only a minimum policy that does not cover all of the costs. The vehicle operator’s insurance company also may not want to cover the costs for a negligent driver. In these situations, the pedestrian is able to file a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent vehicle operator or the operator’s insurance company.

DiBella Law Offices Can Make a Difference

Our talented and experienced attorneys are here to help you to get the compensation you deserve. We understand how stressful it is if you or a loved one have been in an accident, and the added legal stress of filing a Dracut personal injury claim is nothing short of distressing. We can assess the details of your case and help you establish a compelling claim that seeks maximum compensation for the losses you have endured.

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