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Gloucester, Massachusetts began as a Pilgrim settlement in 1623 before it was officially incorporated in 1642. Today, it is a thriving community along the coast that many people come to visit for its history as the oldest seaport in the United States. It features shops, seafood restaurants, great views of the ocean as you explore the waterfront by foot, and other activities unique to coastal towns. Its population is just over 30,000 residents. Those who work in the industries of health care and social assistance, food services and accommodation, as well as manufacturing represent the largest sectors of the economy in this town.

You can encounter a variety of accidents in a beach town you might not experience closer inland. Whether you’re a local resident or visiting from out of town, you can be injured due to the negligence of other parties and be wondering what your next steps should be. It would be helpful to you to have a Gloucester personal injury attorney on your side who knows the local laws in Massachusetts regarding recovering compensation after your accident. The attorneys at DiBella Law Offices, P.C. can take a closer look at your situation and may be able to help provide the legal resources you need. Our founding partner Christopher DiBella has been practicing law since 2004 and was recognized as a Lawyer of Distinction in 2021. Call us today at (978) 327-5140.

Accidents You Can Experience in Gloucester, MA

Local companies in the area like Gloucester Boat Rental make it possible to take a vessel out on the water for the day for fishing with family and friends. You can also travel off the coast of Gloucester for a bit to arrive at what’s known as a top 5 whale watching destination in the whole world. Those voyages are made possible by companies like Cape Ann Whale Watch. Unfortunately, especially during certain times and seasons when more people are in town and out on the water, a boating accident caused by the negligence of other parties can lead to serious accidents such as collisions and sinking.

Car accidents can be another common occurrence in the area. There can be many visitors to Gloucester unfamiliar with local traffic laws that can lead to accident. Accidents can happen on major roads in Gloucester such as the Massachusetts Route 127 and 133, streets leading to your destination, or even in the various designated parking lots and areas of where you’ve arrived.

Accidents you can experience can take various forms such as multi-car crashes, collisions that involve motorcycles, head-on crashes, and more. When vehicles aren’t involved, you can be injured as a pedestrian. Other drivers can show negligence in various ways, such as distracted or drunk driving, among other behaviors that don’t consider the safety of others.

More Hazards In A Coastal Town

Fishing, whale watching, quality seafood restaurants, or just the chance to take a day trip make Gloucester a popular spot for locals and those out of town. With the exception of seasons with inclement weather, there’s bound to be an influx of people in the area, and the hazards they face due to the negligence of other parties isn’t just limited to boats and car accidents. Other dangers where negligence can be a factor can include:

  • Accidents at rental properties
  • Indoor or outdoor swimming dangers
  • Falling off a staircase
  • Inadequate security
  • Weather-related injuries

Don't Wait to Contact a Gloucester Attorney

After a serious accident, you need to first get the medical attention you need immediately and document all of your injuries. This will be helpful to you in filing a personal injury claim. You also need to contact a Gloucester personal injury attorney who knows how the laws of Massachusetts will apply to your situation. Depending on whether you were injured in a car collision, a boating accident out on the water, on someone else’s property, there may be different laws that will govern what legally happens after your accident and what you will need to recover compensation.

Moving forward can be stressful if you try to do it alone, and you’re not going to want to wait as you only have a three-year window from the time of your accident to recover compensation. The priority of insurance companies is to protect their profits and to give you as little as possible in damages. You may be able to recover payment for your current and future medical treatment, missed time at work due to your injuries, pain and suffering, and more.

Fortunately, with the right legal help, you may be able to receive more than what insurance companies say you are entitled to after your accident. The Gloucester personal injury attorneys at DiBella Law Offices, P.C. may be able to assist with getting the resources you need so that you can begin your healing process as soon as possible. Our founding partner Christopher DiBella has been recognized as a member of The National Trial Lawyers Top 100 - Civil Plaintiff for 2021 and 2022. Call us today at (978) 327-5140.