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Medford, Massachusetts is located on the Mystic River in Middlesex County, 6.7 miles northwest of downtown Boston. It was originally settled by English colonists in 1630 as part of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

Medford is a thriving community of nearly 60,000 residents from all over the world. The town has more than 300 acres of open spaces, a network of nonprofit and community-focused organizations, and a variety of small, vibrant business districts. Resting as it does on the Mystic River, the city tends to captivate visitors, who include nature lovers and history buffs.

People visiting Medford can see the Royall House and Slave Quarters, a Georgian mansion built by Isaac Royall in 1732, that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Another great place to visit is Wright’s Tower. This stone tower, established in 1937, provides spectacular views of the Boston skyline. Chevalier Theater is a 25,000 square foot, five-story landmark building that hosts concerts, comedy shows, and live performances.

Whether you are touring landmark structures, attending a show, or strolling through a mall, slip and fall accidents can happen in Medford. When property and business owners allow slipping and tripping hazards to exist on a premises, it can lead to a sudden accident with serious injuries. If this happens to you, contact an experienced Medford personal injury lawyer as soon as you are able.

Where Slip and Fall Accidents Happen in Medford

Slip or trip and fall accidents can happen anywhere hazards exist. Common locations for this type of injury include:

  • Shopping malls: Slick floors, spills, pop-up shops in walkways, product displays
  • Theaters: Inadequate lighting, spilled snacks, or drinks
  • Older buildings: Unfamiliar stair sizes, railings or flooring is disrepair
  • Restaurants and bars: Crowded spaces, chairs and tables creating obstacles, spills on floors
  • Gas stations: Water and gasoline spills, heavy foot traffic
  • Elevators and escalators: Sudden jolts, malfunctioning doors, and equipment
  • Parking lots: Uneven pavement, poor lighting, cracks in pavement
  • Hotels and resorts: Slick flooring, spills, leaks, revolving doors, elevators
  • Grocery stores: Spills from broken containers, overflowing sinks or toilets, ice and snow in parking lots, water on floors from produce misters, leaking freezers, or floral department spills

Do Not Underestimate Falls

Falls are the second leading cause of unintentional injury death, as stated by the National Safety Council (NSC). In a recent year, 42,114 people in the U.S. died from falls in the workplace or at home. Falls can cause a variety of injuries, including fractured limbs (wrists, arms, and ankles), hip fractures, and head and brain trauma, according to the CDC. In fact, falls are the most common cause of traumatic brain injuries.

Liability for Fall Injuries

If your slip and fall accident was caused by a dangerous condition on someone else’s property, the owner of the property or business may be liable for your injuries. You may be able to recover compensation for your medical expenses, lost earnings, disfigurement, disability, pain and suffering, and other losses.

How a Medford Slip and Fall Attorney Can Help

Not every slip and fall accident is the fault of the property or business owner. Certain elements must exist for liability to be established. For example, in determining liability, it is important to know whether the property owner created the hazard or knew or should have known about it, and whether the injured person was a patron, an employee, a social guest, or another type of visitor.

Our Medford personal injury lawyers at DiBella Law Offices, P.C. can investigate your accident to determine fault and liability and access the full extent of your damages. We can tell you if you have a case and how much compensation you may be entitled to claim. Call us at (978) 327-5140 to schedule a free consultation.