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Driving in North Andover

Three out of four households in North Andover have two or more automobiles, so it’s obvious that people depend on their cars to get around. The average commute for North Andover drivers is almost 29 minutes and over 20 percent of commuters drive an hour or longer to get to work. Two out of three commuters drive alone to work and over 11 percent carpool. It’s almost 29 miles from North Andover to Boston and the drive takes 32 minutes or longer along 1-93 South.

North Andover is located in the northeastern part of Massachusetts. It is known around the world for being home to one of the oldest and most prestigious independent secondary schools in the United States, Phillips Academy. North Andover brings in visitors and tourists from around the world with its cultural attractions and variety of performing arts, historical sites, and museums. North Andover is also home to Harold Parker State Forest, which provides 3,000 acres of open space for various outdoor activities. It is an ideal location for holidays and business travelers, making it a bustling and busy town with a lot of foot and vehicle traffic alike.

Being hurt in a car crash or pedestrian accident can be devastating for not only you, but also your wallet. Knowing what to do after an accident helps you get the compensation you deserve. Give DiBella Law Offices P.C. a call today at (978) 327-5140 so we can fight to get you the compensation that you deserve.

Fault and Compensation

North Andover is located in Massachusetts, which means it operates as part of Massachusetts’ no-fault system. The way this system works is that if you are in an unto accident, you can file a claim against your own insurance provider to get compensation for any injuries that may occur. All drivers are required to carry a minimum car insurance policy that includes personal injury protection, which provides medical coverage up to a certain limit. You are able to recover this compensation even if you were in a single car accident or where the other driver was not negligent.

How Does Insurance Work?

North Andover residents have specific insurance minimums that every driver has to meet if they want to register a vehicle. This is designed to ensure that everyone is covered and able to receive compensation if an accident happens.

Can I Seek Compensation From the Negligent Driver’s Insurance?

If you are in a serious auto accident and you meet certain conditions, you may be able to pursue your claim outside the no-fault system and seek compensation from the negligent driver. Speak to one of our attorneys today to see whether this is an option for you.

What Type of Compensation Can Be Pursued in North Andover?

If you have a serious enough claim that can be pursued outside the no-fault system, several types of compensation can be pursued. If you find yourself in this situation, it is a good idea to speak to one of our attorneys to see what your options are.

What Happens If the Other Driver Does Not Have Insurance?

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation where you are in an accident with a driver who fails to meet the insurance requirements in North Andover or a driver with a minimum policy, you may have difficulty covering your medical expenses.

When you are sorting out your liability insurance, it is a good idea to ask your insurance company about uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. These policies keep you covered if you are injured by a driver who does not have insurance or commits a hit and run, or when the other driver does not have enough coverage to pay for the full costs of the accident. These policies are designed to match your liability policy limits and give you peace of mind when driving the roads in North Andover.

DiBella Law Offices P.C. is Here to Help You

In order to get the compensation you deserve, you need to get through a great deal of legal legwork. You need to show how the other driver’s negligence caused your injuries by collecting evidence of wrongdoing, speaking with accident experts, and more. This can be extremely difficult and distressing if you are also recovering from injuries. Our experienced and talented attorneys are here to handle all the legal work for you to take a load off. Our North Andover injury lawyers guide you through the claims process and provide you peace of mind.

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