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North Andover is a charming, affluent town located along the Merrimack River, 28 miles northwest of Boston. The town’s historic sites include the Steven-Coolidge House and Gardens, an early 20th century estate, and the Parson Barnard House, built in 1715. Outdoors, North Andover offers many scenic spots and miles of trails along the shoreline.

Driving from Boston to North Andover, commuters take I-93 N to Massachusetts Avenue, and take exit 101 from I-495 N. Truck traffic has increased in the greater Boston metro area, along with the rest of the nation. The more semi-trucks on the road, the greater the risk of a collision. If you have been hurt in a truck crash that was someone else’s fault, consult with an experienced North Andover truck accident lawyer as soon as possible.

How Are Trucking Companies and Truck Drivers Regulated?

Like other drivers, truckers are required to comply with state and local traffic laws. They are also subject to federal regulations issued and enforced by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). This agency regulates many aspects of the trucking industry, including:

  • Driving of commercial motor vehicles
  • Transportation of hazardous materials
  • Drivers’ hours of service
  • Qualifications of drivers and long combination vehicle (LCV) driver instructors
  • General safety regulations
  • Inspection, repair, and maintenance of vehicles
  • Minimum levels of financial responsibility for motor carriers

How Does Trucking Company and Truck Driver Negligence Cause Accidents?

When a semi tractor-trailer collides with a much smaller passenger vehicle, occupants of the smaller vehicle are likely to suffer serious injuries. Many truck accidents are caused by negligent acts on the part of truck drivers or the companies that employ them. Common causes include:

  • Improper braking: Proper braking techniques are critical in safely operating a semi-truck. Improper braking by inexperienced or poorly trained drivers can cause serious accidents, particularly on a downhill grade. It can cause the truck to jackknife or roll over, potentially blocking lanes of traffic, or cause the trailer to detach from the cab, creating a runaway trailer situation.
  • Negligent lane changes: Truck drivers have a responsibility to carefully check their blind spots before changing lanes. When they fail to do so, they can collide smaller vehicles in the lane they are entering, seriously injuring occupants.
  • Fatigued driving: Truck drivers on long hauls are highly susceptible to fatigue, which can lead to serious errors in judgment or falling asleep at the wheel. Although FMCSA has issued hours of service regulations to help prevent this, drivers under pressure from their employers to make tight delivery deadlines may be tempted to bend the rules.
  • Overloaded trucks: The FMCSA regulates cargo loading and securement. When carriers overload their trucks, it can cause stress on mechanical components, cause tires to blow out, reduce stopping ability, damage the brakes, and make it more difficult for the driver to steer. If cargo is not properly secured, it can shift and cause the truck to roll over in a turn.

Get the Help You Need: a North Andover Truck Accident Lawyer

Traffic crashes involving large commercial trucks often cause serious injuries. Trucking companies are more likely to fight hard against claims in high-stakes cases. Truck accident cases involving federal regulations and multiple responsible parties tend to be complex. Your North Andover personal injury lawyer can take action to preserve crucial evidence contained in the truck’s black box, which might otherwise be destroyed. Severe truck accident injuries may require extensive treatment and time away from work.

Your best chance of recovering the compensation you deserve is to have a skilled North Andover truck accident attorney handling your claim. Contact DiBella Law Offices, P.C. at (978) 327-5140.