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2017 Scholarship

2017 DiBella Law Offices, P.C. Scholarship

2017 Scholarship Winner for Dibella Law Offices, P.C. Is…

It’s June 5th today; that means it’s time to announce our 2017 DiBella Law Offices, P.C. Scholarship winner!

Congratulations to Alexis S., of Billerica, Massachusetts!

Alexis impressed us with her goals, and we firmly believe that the $500 will be well-spent towards her college career! You can read her winning essay below.

We believe that contributing to the education of a young person is an investment in the future. To everyone who applied, thank you! As Boston Tea Party participant Thomas Paine once said, “The mind once enlightened cannot again become dark.” Best of luck as you continue striving toward your educational goals.

Winning Entry

"Attending college would open so many doors for me and allow me the chance to put my passion into a career helping people in need."

- Alexis S, 2017 AZ Scholarship Winner


My name is Alexis Sorensen and I will be graduating from Billerica Memorial this year. Whether it is at home or at school, I put one hundred percent of my effort into all I do. At home, I have many household responsibilities, one of which includes taking care of my disabled grandfather. I administer insulin to him daily and make him meals when I get home from school. In addition, I work approximately twenty hours a week at Shaw’s where I have been promoted twice in the matter of a year from cashier to desk clerk to customer service representative. My manager attributed my promotions to my excellent people skills and that means a lot to me. I am a very social person and in that sense I am a lot like my mother. Even though I do work a lot, I still remain engaged in both the school community and my local community.

"I take joy in knowing that my presence can have a positive impact on someone."
- Alexis S.

At school, I have maintained a cumulative GPA of 3.9 throughout my four years in all honors and advanced placement classes. I am a part of the National Honor Society, French honor society, literary magazine, French club, peer leaders, and writing center. In the community, I volunteer at the Billerica Public Library, the local food pantry, and at other events. In my spare time, I enjoy going for walks, shopping, and writing. I have had a lot of stress-inducing things happen to me over the course of my life and writing has always been a stress reliever for me. I come from a pretty large family; more specifically, a small intermediate family and a large extended family. We are all very close. My little brother is my best friend. He is a freshman in high school and I spend a lot of time with him when I am not at school or work. He makes me a better person and I have learned a lot about enjoying the little things in life from him.

Short Essay

In order for you to understand my future goals, I think it is extremely important that you understand what caused me to possess these goals. I have always been a person who loves to help others. I take joy in knowing that my presence can have a positive impact on someone, especially someone I care about. I think I got this quality of mine from my mother. She always goes out of her way to not only help members of our large family, but furthermore to help those in our community. She went from being the helper to the person who needed help when she was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer in January of 2011. My mom started going to chemotherapy every week and I would go with her every chance I got. It tore me apart seeing her like this because during these months, she was not my mom.

My mom is energetic and lively; and while on chemo, my mom was the exact opposite. So, I took her place as the foundation of our family for a while. I made dinner every night; I helped take care of my disabled grandfather and lifted some of the weight off her shoulders. The most important role I took on was I became her ears. At appointments with her oncologist, I took notes. I knew every medication she was on, every side effect she might experience, and when every appointment was. I was twelve. Regardless, at this age I was able to put aside my emotions toward my mother being sick and focus on her recovery and how medicine would play a role in this.

"I put one hundred percent of my effort into all I do."
- Alexis S.

My mother went into remission approximately a year later and I wrote her oncologist a two-page letter thanking her for saving my mother's life. At that point in my life, I knew I was intrigued by science, but I had no idea what career I would choose to pursue. However, this all changed a few years ago when I went to my mom's yearly checkup with her and saw patients suffering with the same cancer that tried to take my mom away from me and it really bothered me. I took these emotions, along with my gratitude towards my mom's oncologist, and I realized then and there that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. I want to be an oncologist.

I intend on attending the University of Massachusetts Amherst on the premed track with a major in cellular biology, and going into medical school after that so I too can become an oncologist. Attending college would open so many doors for me and allow me the chance to put my passion into a career helping people in need. I recognize the goal I have is not easily achieved and there will be many obstacles and challenges along the way that will try to impede my success of this dream of mine, but my experience and that of my mother will be pushing me through the many years of schooling that lie ahead of me.

I also recognize that all this schooling will be a financial difficulty for my family and me to cover on our own and that is why I am asking for your help. I am willing to put in 110% percent of my effort and be completely devoted to pursuing this dream of mine. I work with professors on research opportunities outside of the classroom and will do whatever I can do to better myself if I am awarded the money to allow me to do so. I accept this task because it will all be worthwhile when I am the one that saves a little girl's mom and gives her the chance to see her kid graduate, or gives another chance of life to people who thought that they had to sit back and accept the harsh cards that life had dealt for them. I'm not saying I want to be God and decide who lives and who dies, but I want to do all that is in my power to give someone the chance at the life they deserve, a cancer-free life.

- Alexis S.

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