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If You Were Injured by a Drunk Driver, the Bar May Be to Blame

As the victim of a drunk driver, it is easy to focus all of your anger on the driver who made the choice to drink and drive. But there could be additional parties who need to assume some of the responsibility for your injuries.

As you face huge medical bills as well as other expenses, a skilled Boston car accident attorney can be a great help in establishing your legal claim. At DiBella Law Offices, P.C., we will fully examine the dram shop, which is another term for the liquor establishment, that served the intoxicated driver. Under dram shop liability laws, establishments do have some responsibility for the actions of a drunk driver.

As a premier Boston personal injury firm, DiBella Law Offices, P.C., has nearly two decades of experience working with accident victims and their families. We understand how important it is to secure the maximum compensation for our clients. These funds will be used to help rebuild your life after the careless actions of one drunk driver. Call (617) 870-0907 to set up a free consultation.

Who Can Be Considered Responsible?

In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, there are many establishments that fall under the jurisdiction of dram shop liability: restaurants, liquor stores, convenience stores, or clubs that serve alcohol. You may be able to sue them for selling to an intoxicated person, over-serving alcohol to a patron, or serving to a minor who was involved in a drunk driving accident.

Potential Compensation for a Drunk Driving Accident Victim

When an impaired driver hits a pedestrian, bicyclist, or another vehicle, the victims deserve to be compensated for their injuries and other losses. As you discuss your case with one of our personal injury lawyers, you will learn which of the following types of compensation you might be eligible to receive:

  • Current and future medical expenses
  • Long-term medical care or assisted living
  • Rehabilitation and therapy
  • Counseling for emotional distress as a result of the accident
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of future earning potential
  • Retraining for a new vocation as a result of permanent injuries or disabilities
  • Home alterations to make your home more accessible due to your injuries
  • Pain and suffering
  • Diminished quality of life

Our experience will provide you with the peace of mind that you need to begin to heal and move forward. While you focus on your recovery, we will work diligently with car accident specialists, law enforcement, and witnesses to demonstrate to the court who should be held financially responsible for the collision.

We might determine that not only was the drunk driver at fault, but that a dram shop was also responsible and should share in providing you with full and fair compensation. Call (617) 870-0907 to schedule a free consultation with a Boston dram shop attorney today.