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What You Need to Know about Car Accidents in Massachusetts

By DiBella Law Offices on February 5, 2016

The law surrounding car accidents varies depending on which state you’re in. Failing to know an important law sometimes results in fines and/or jail time that could have been avoided otherwise. Here is what you need to know about car accidents in Massachusetts:

File a Report within Five Days of the Accident

Massachusetts law requires you to file a motor vehicle crash operator report if you have been in a car accident that caused injury, death, or over $1,000 worth of damage. You are also required to file the report within five days of the accident regardless of whether law enforcement arrived at the scene or not. Send copies of the motor vehicle crash operator report to the Registry of Motor Vehicles, local law enforcement, and your insurance agent.

Collect Important Information at the Scene

There is some important information you must gather if you’ve been in a car wreck, but it is only possible to acquire at the scene. To remember everything you need to record in a car accident, write it down on a piece of paper and store it in your car. You must write names, addresses, telephone numbers, driver license numbers, insurance information, license plate numbers, and vehicle descriptions of everyone involved in the accident. Don’t forget to ask any witnesses for their contact information too, just in case you end up in court. You’ll only need a name, address, and phone number. Lastly, record the road and weather conditions at the time of the accident.

Don’t Accidentally Get Yourself Charged with a Hit and Run

A very important part of Massachusetts law that not all residents know is it’s illegal to leave the scene of the accident before you, the other people involved in the accident, and law enforcement have finished their procedures. If you leave the scene too soon, it is a “hit and run” under Massachusetts law, and you can be charged with a hit and run.

The most important things to know about car accidents that occur in Massachusetts are file a motor vehicle crash operator report within five days of the accident, collect important information on the scene to make filing the report and defending yourself in court easier, and never leave an accident scene before all procedures have been completed to avoid being charged with a hit and run.

Contact us if you have any questions about the law in Massachusetts when it comes to car accidents and personal injury.

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