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Massachusetts Legal Blog

McAvoy Suspension Shows How Seriously NHL Takes TBI and Potential Impact of CTE

By DiBella Law Offices on June 19, 2019

If you caught game six of the Stanley Cup’s second-round series between Boston and Columbus, you definitely remember the head hit Bruin’s defenseman Charlie McAvoy laid on Blue Jacket right winger Josh Anderson. After the hit, Anderson had to return to the locker room, but fortunately was able to return to play later in the third period. Surprisingly at the time, McAvoy only received a two-minute minor penalty for the hit that involved his shoulder and Anderson’s chin. However, after the NHL’s Department of Player Safety (DOPS) reviewed the play, McAvoy was hit with a one-game suspension.  Read the rest »

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Winner Chosen for 2019 DiBella Law Offices, P.C. Scholarship

By DiBella Law Offices on June 4, 2019

After deciding on five finalists for the Writing The Future Scholarship on May 21st, it was hard for our legal team to narrow it down to one winner! We had to flip through over a thousand entries to get to this point, and we went back and forth a few times, but we managed it. Now, please join DiBella Law Offices, P.C., in congratulating: Read the rest »

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Finalists Chosen for 2019 DiBella Law Offices, P.C. Scholarship

By DiBella Law Offices on May 21, 2019

Since education keeps getting more and more expensive, Christopher DiBella and his law firm decided to offer the annual Writing The Future Scholarship to help out. The money will go to one exceptional young scholar every year. The amount is $500 for post-secondary educational expenses, like tuition, textbooks, or school supplies. Read the rest »

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DiBella Law Offices, P.C. Kicks Off 2019 Scholarship!

By DiBella Law Offices on March 14, 2019

At DiBella Law Offices, P.C., we are dedicated to giving back. We believe in investing in the future, and that’s why we want to help our country’s youth as much as we can.  To that end, we’re delighted to once again offer our annual “Writing the Future” scholarship. The awardee will be announced on June 9, 2019 and will receive a $500 scholarship to help with the costs of pursuing higher education. Read the rest »

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What’s the First Step for Filing for Divorce in Massachusetts?

By DiBella Law Offices on February 27, 2019

Filing for divorce is one of the most difficult decisions two people can make together. Going through the process is often confusing, and a lot of questions you might not be prepared to answer tend to be asked throughout. In Massachusetts, the first step in the divorce process involves deciding whether you’re filing a contested or uncontested divorce. You’ll also determine if the divorce is categorized as fault or no-fault based on the details surrounding your decision to file. This obviously varies from couple to couple, but let’s look at the specifics for each type of divorce. Read the rest »

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Winter Driving – The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

By DiBella Law Offices on February 19, 2019

Massachusetts winters see it all—snow, sleet, freezing rain. While traffic accidents can occur at any point during the year, winter weather makes the road much more dangerous for New England commuters. If you’ve been in a car crash that was caused by bad weather, can you really blame the other driver? Regardless of the circumstances, all car accidents are caused by something, and at least one party is always going to be liable. Let’s break down winter-weather driving and how liability can play a factor. Read the rest »

Posted in: Car Accidents

Drowsy Driving Is Never the Right Decision

By DiBella Law Offices on January 25, 2019

Life can be hectic at times, so people are constantly trying to seek out new and creative ways to accomplish more each day. Multitasking and overbooking your day with appointments and other obligations seems to be the norm, and we seem to be getting fewer and fewer hours of sleep each night as a result.

If you’re planning on operating a motor vehicle, a wandering mind and sleep deprivation can be a recipe for disaster. Read the rest »

Posted in: Car Accidents

Unattended Snow and Ice Make Boston Sidewalks Dangerous This Winter

By DiBella Law Offices on January 15, 2019

In mid-November, Boston’s local CBS affiliate announced Bostonians should expect a “snowier and colder than average” winter this year. It’s estimated we’ll receive at least 65 inches of snow at Logan Airport, and that number may substantially rise depending on the El Niño factor.

Knowing that we’re in for a cold and wet winter, it’s important to remember sidewalks, steps, and footpaths will require extra care and attention from property owners to prevent sidewalk slip-and-fall injuries. Read the rest »

Posted in: Premises Liability

New Year, New Marital Status

By DiBella Law Offices on January 5, 2019

January is a time of fresh starts, resolutions, and planning for the new year. Many people have indulged in celebrations and festivities for nearly two months leading up to January 1st, and as the busy holiday season comes to an end so do many marriages. Unofficially, January has become known as Divorce Month, even though the courts record more divorces in August and March. But this increase in the divorce rate in January appears to be connected to a few understandable trends. Read the rest »

Posted in: Family Law

This Season, DiBella Law Offices, P.C. Likes to Give

By DiBella Law Offices on December 14, 2018

DiBella Law Offices, P.C., has been a part of the Boston-area community for over a decade, but Christopher DiBella has ties to this community from long before he was a business owner. Chris attended both Boston University and Suffolk University Law School. After graduation, he answered the call to public service by becoming a prosecutor in district court.

And when he left the prosecutor’s office a dozen years ago, he was determined to continue to find ways to give back to the community. This holiday season, our legal team is proud to support several charities, and we invite you to join us! Read the rest »

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