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When Car Accidents Cause Internal Bleeding

By DiBella Law Offices on March 10, 2015

Each year, many people are seriously injured in Massachusetts auto accidents. While some injuries are immediately apparent, people sometimes suffer trauma that involves internal bleeding, which may be particularly insidious and cause significant long term injuries or death. Some internal bleeding may also result from obvious injuries as well. It is a good idea for people to be able to recognize the symptoms associated with internal bleeding so appropriate help can be sought.

The most common type of trauma that can result in internal bleeding as a result of a car accident is blunt force trauma. Especially serious internal bleeding may result from injuries to the head, force to the chest causing bleeding around the heart or lungs, ruptures to blood vessels and abdominal trauma resulting in ruptures to the liver, spleen or other abdominal organs.

People may suffer internal bleeding after a trauma that is less severe, and the symptoms will progressively worsen. The symptoms people should watch for include abdominal swelling or pain following a blow to the abdomen, dizziness or lightheadedness, a large area of skin that is turning purple and headache or losing consciousness. In the event that a person has been involved in a car accident that included blunt force trauma, the appearance of any of these symptoms should prompt a call to 911.

Motor vehicle accident injuries may be readily apparent and obvious, or they may slowly appear with worsening symptoms. Someone who has been involved in an accident may want to see their doctor as soon as possible for a physical examination. Those who have been seriously injured in such an accident caused by the negligence of another driver may want to consider filing a personal injury lawsuit with the assistance of a Burlington car accident attorney.

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