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How Psych Evaluations Impact Custody Cases

By DiBella Law Offices on February 22, 2021

Custody battles can get ugly, even if the parents were in a good relationship leading up to their divorce. Your case can easily go from cordial conversations about splitting holiday breaks to angry fights about finances and parental responsibilities. It is not uncommon for one parent to drag a mental illness into the argument, often calling out the other parent’s capabilities and mental stability.

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Safeguarding Your Child’s Inheritance in a Divorce

By DiBella Law Offices on December 28, 2020

Entering into a new marriage when you have children can be a trying process. No matter their ages, your children may have bitter feelings about your future spouse or this new stage of your life. But beyond their personal feelings, you may be worried about their financial future. Marriage merges all of your assets and property with your new spouse’s. This means that anything you may have wanted to leave to your children could be claimed by your spouse in a divorce or if you pass away. While this shouldn’t stop you from getting married, there are certain steps you should take to protect your child’s inheritance.

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What You Need to Know About Dividing Your Small Business in a Divorce

By DiBella Law Offices on November 9, 2020

Building a business with your spouse can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but it can also prove detrimental if you are going through a divorce. While many couples have to only worry about dividing up a household, small business owners have to thoroughly review their financial situation to determine how their business can be divided and what options are available to them.

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What If My Ex Turns Violent During a Divorce?

By DiBella Law Offices on April 26, 2020

Divorces are never easy, and a lot of bad blood can come up during proceedings. But no matter what, both sides should try to be as civil and respectable throughout the process. When one member steps out of bounds and becomes physically abusive, then your attorney can step in to provide legal protection in the form of a temporary restraining order and advocate for compensation.

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What’s the First Step for Filing for Divorce in Massachusetts?

By DiBella Law Offices on February 27, 2019

Filing for divorce is one of the most difficult decisions two people can make together. Going through the process is often confusing, and a lot of questions you might not be prepared to answer tend to be asked throughout. In Massachusetts, the first step in the divorce process involves deciding whether you’re filing a contested or uncontested divorce. You’ll also determine if the divorce is categorized as fault or no-fault based on the details surrounding your decision to file. This obviously varies from couple to couple, but let’s look at the specifics for each type of divorce. Read the rest »

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Do Child Custody Arrangements Need to Be Modified During Summer?

By DiBella Law Offices on July 19, 2017

Children are always excited for summertime.

But with children off from school, there can be potential problems with child care. Do child custody arrangements need modification in the summer? Read the rest »

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Hidden Assets in High Net Worth Divorces

By DiBella Law Offices on April 5, 2017

Divorces involving couples with significant net worth may be more complex, with diverse assets which may include investment accounts, properties, and business interests. Some spouses may attempt to move or conceal assets, which is why comprehensive strategies to identify, locate, and appraise them are necessary.

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Is My Soon-to-Be Ex-Spouse Responsible for My Credit Card Debt?

By DiBella Law Offices on March 30, 2017

Data from the Federal Reserve Bank of NY and the Census Bureau reports that households are carrying credit card balances averaging $16,061. Credit-card interest rates are averaging roughly 18%; U.S. households average around $1,292 in yearly debt interest. Financial issues are a commonly cited reason for couples choosing to divorce.

Credit Card Impact on Spouses Depends on Whose Name Is on the Card

Credit card accounts in marriages can be in the name of one spouse, making that individual solely liable for credit purposes. If the credit card is in the name of both spouses, then they would both be jointly liable. Often one spouse will be the account holder, with the other spouse considered an authorized user, so that both parties can use the card if and when needed. In this arrangement, the credit of the authorized user will not be impacted regardless of the good or bad status of the debt.

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What to Bring to Your Divorce Consultation

By DiBella Law Offices on October 26, 2016

Whether you’re contemplating divorce or on the receiving end of divorce papers, the first step in the process is hiring a divorce attorney. The initial consultation you have with a divorce lawyer is perhaps the most informative meeting you’ll have. Because time during your initial consultation may be somewhat limited, it’s imperative that you prepare the best you can. In this blog, we explain what you should bring to your consultation. Read the rest »

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Obstacles Faced in a Late-Life Divorce

By DiBella Law Offices on October 6, 2016

Unfortunately, some couples can spend decades married and divorce later in life for the same reason younger couples do. In a late-life divorce, couples over the age of 60 face special obstacles when terminating their marriage – whether it be due to infidelity, a desire for a greater sense of independence, or irreconcilable differences. In this blog, our Burlington divorce attorney explains how asset division and health concerns can impact a late-life divorce. Read the rest »

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