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Family Awarded $21 Million in Medical Malpractice Case

By DiBella Law Offices on May 11, 2015

Surgeries are performed on patients in Massachusetts every day. In most cases, the surgery goes smoothly, and the patient is usually better off than before the procedure. However, hospital errors could cause serious, long-term issues for patients. In one out-of-state example of medical malpractice, the family of a woman claims that doctors erroneously performed brain surgery on the woman, which ultimately caused her death.

The family says their 81-year-old family member was admitted to the hospital to undergo jaw surgery that was described as relatively simple. The hospital, however, admits that they mixed up the woman’s records with that of another patient. Surgeons had removed part of her skull before they realized their mistake. The woman’s family members say that the hospital never admitted the mistake or noted it on her chart, but they became suspicious after seeing her x-ray.

Family members claim that the woman spent 60 days following the surgery on life support before she passed away. A Michigan jury has recently awarded the family $21 million. The hospital claims that while they made a mistake, the woman was not harmed, and the award should have been capped at a significantly lower amount. They have announced their intent to appeal the verdict.

While the loss of a loved one is always difficult news with which to cope, knowing that the loss was likely caused by medical malpractice makes the news more difficult. Medical care providers in Massachusetts are typically well-trained professionals, but they must ensure that mistakes, such as confusing two people’s medical records, do not occur. Legal options are available for victims of medical negligence that could both help with expenses as well as hold doctors and medical care facilities accountable for their actions.

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