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Keeping Safe on the Road During Warm Weather

By DiBella Law Offices on August 24, 2021

Sunlight coming through front windshield into driver's eyesSummer in Boston brings with it fireworks, barbeques, boat trips, and baseball games. Unfortunately, as much as we all want to enjoy the warm weather, summer also comes with serious auto accidents. July and August record the highest rate of fatal accidents out of the year. With more people on the road, including tourists and vacationers, there always comes the risk of a collision, but summer is particularly dangerous for several factors, not just from out-of-state drivers.

Increased Traffic — On and Off Roads

It is completely natural for traffic to become more congested and hectic in the summertime. Everyone wants to get out on the road, whether they are heading out of town on trips or just like to drive with the top down. But it’s not just our roads that become packed, but also our sidewalks, parks, shopping malls, parking lots, and bike lanes. Pedestrian and bicycle traffic increases alongside cars during the summer, increasing the risk of a serious collision. Coupled with dangerous driving behaviors like speeding or texting, it is very easy for a negligent driver to cause an accident during rush hour.

Construction Booms During Summer

Despite the added heat and desire to go on vacation, the construction industry often booms during the summer. Clear weather and extra sunlight allow constructions sites to stay open longer than during other parts of the year when rain or snow can shut down a job. It is very easy to spot a new construction project while driving around Boston, which is constantly growing with new developments, as well as more road crews looking to repair and update our city’s infrastructure. Both groups, drivers and construction workers, should be extra careful during the summer. All it takes is one reckless driver or forklift driver to cause a catastrophic construction accident.

More Sun Glare

Many of us love the extra sunlight during the summer. It means more time to spend outdoors, a little extra tan, and has even been linked to better mental health. But Boston drivers might prefer a little less glare, especially when coming out of a tunnel or from underneath an overpass. Sun glare can make it difficult for drivers to spot pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcyclists. Early mornings and evenings are especially dangerous. Drivers should consider wearing sunglasses and taking routes that keep them out of the sun’s glare.

Watchout: New Drivers on the Road

Summertime sees a boost in teen drivers as newly licensed students get out of school and have more time to spend with friends. Even with proper training and supervised driving time, teen drivers can still struggle to keep themselves safe on Boston’s packed roads. Parents should keep a watchful eye on their teen’s driving habits, as distracted driving and drunk driving is a major risk for young drivers, and should limit their driving privileges if they appear to drive recklessly. It could save a life — including theirs.

Time for a Tune-up

Warm weather does not just bring out tourists and construction work — it also means more wear and tear for your vehicle. Tires break down more easily during heat waves and engines are more prone to overheating. A good tune-up with your mechanic can help you identify and fix any issues that arise before an accident occurs.

Open Year-Round to Help You With a Claim

There is never a good time of year to be involved in a car accident, but summer is especially discouraging. On top of your medical bills, injuries, and time away from work, you may have to cancel any vacation plans as you focus on recovering and getting compensation for your injuries.

At DiBella Law Offices, P.C., we understand how stressful and frustrating the claims process can be for our clients, which is why our Boston car accident attorney will handle all of the heavy lifting of recovering compensation for you after a run-in with a negligent driver. We can sit down with you in a free consultation, go over how the accident has affected your life, and fight to get you proper compensation from the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

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