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Obstacles Faced in a Late-Life Divorce

By DiBella Law Offices on October 6, 2016

Unfortunately, some couples can spend decades married and divorce later in life for the same reason younger couples do. In a late-life divorce, couples over the age of 60 face special obstacles when terminating their marriage – whether it be due to infidelity, a desire for a greater sense of independence, or irreconcilable differences. In this blog, our Burlington divorce attorney explains how asset division and health concerns can impact a late-life divorce.

Dividing Assets

In any divorce, property division is a crucial component of the process. Throughout the years of your marriage, you’ve spent a fair amount of time building a retirement plan that can be extremely complicated to divide in a divorce. In some cases, a spouse may have to file what’s referred to as a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDROs) – an order that outlines the percentage of benefits that will be paid to the spouse.

Spouses 62 or older who are ending marriages that lasted longer than 10 years may:

  • Be eligible to draw up to 50% of a former spouse’s benefits
  • Begin receiving retirement benefits on your own or your ex-spouse’s Social Security record
  • Be entitled to begin receiving benefits from a former spouse if you’ve been divorced for 2 years or longer, even if your ex-spouse has not yet begun to receive benefits

Health Concerns

As we get older, we may be faced with serious health concerns that can impact how alimony or a marital estate is divided. In cases where a spouse is diagnosed with a health condition that diminishes their ability to earn income, such as Alzheimer’s or dementia, a spouse can ask that a judge appoints an individual as a guardian or ad litem to be responsible for making decisions on their behalf if they are not capable of representing themselves.

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