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Slip and Fall Accidents and Massachusetts Legal Issues

By DiBella Law Offices on January 11, 2016

Slip and fall accidents are usually something one would consider to be a problem only business owners face. However, in the state of Massachusetts, there are actually laws in place that every property owner should be aware of. These rules are also something that someone should understand if they suffer a slip and fall accident. For these reasons, learning more about these rules is an important part of remaining compliant in the event of one of these types of accidents.

Reasonable Care
This is a portion of the law that has recently been changed. Today, the state of Massachusetts expects and requires property owners to take reasonable steps to protect those on their property from slipping and falling. This could mean treating sidewalks and stairs when snow and ice has accumulated or placing a sign if the floor is wet. The idea is to reduce the amount of risk that a person has of slipping and falling while on the owner’s property.

Who is Responsible for Injuries?
Since it is the responsibility of the property owner to maintain a safe property, if you are injured in an accident on a property that has not been maintained, the property owner will likely be legally obligated to provide payment for your injury. This will be the case if the injury could have been prevented by something reasonable that the property owner could have done to keep the property safe.

In order to learn more about your legal obligations or to seek counsel after suffering a slip and fall accident, be sure to contact us. We understand the laws in the state of Massachusetts and are prepared to help you move past this unfortunate circumstance. Contact our Burlington slip and fall accident lawyers to discuss your claim.

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