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Hardship Licenses in Massachusetts

Answers from a Knowledgeable DUI Lawyer

While fines and other drunk driving penalties can be a major hindrance to those convicted of OUI/DUI, the license suspension often hits the convicted the hardest. Often, these individuals need their driving privileges to get to work, to attend school, and meet other critical responsibilities in their lives. In these cases, the court may grant drivers relief with a hardship license.

If you have been accused of drunk driving and are interested in retaining limited driving privileges, then we invite you to contact the Massachusetts defense attorneys at DiBella Law Offices, P.C. today. We have helped numerous OUI/DUI clients navigate their charge and come away with the fewest number of penalties possible. If our clients qualify, we are prepared to make a thorough and compelling case to the court that a hardship license is absolutely warranted in their case.

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How Do I Get a Hardship License?

Hardship licenses (sometimes called "work licenses", "Cinderella licenses", or "restricted licenses") are only available to certain individuals accused of drunk driving. To be eligible, these individuals must enter a guilty plea to their charge. They must also have complied with implied consent laws (meaning that must have complied with a breathalyzer test during their road stop). If they refused their blood alcohol concentration test, they are not eligible for a hardship license.

The accused must also provide documentation:

  • From their employer that confirms their reliance on driving to complete their job responsibilities
  • Illustrating their route documentation (maps) of their daily commutes and travel requirements
  • Proving their registration in a court-approved alcohol education program

Your counsel should be able to recommend additional documentation that helps demonstrate to the court that your ability to drive is essential to the day-to-day necessities of your life. Contact our firm today to learn more about your hardship license eligibility and how we can help you navigate your OUI/DUI case to the best possible outcome.

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